Commit 58e8d54e authored by Lionel Morin's avatar Lionel Morin
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Merge branch 'fix-382' into 'develop'

Adding pillar cache activation to minion configuration

See merge request !7
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......@@ -97,5 +97,5 @@ class SaltPeering():
err_msg = 'Error while generating minion configuration'
raise SaltPeeringError(err_msg)
minion_conf = "master: {}\nmaster_port: {}\nhash_type: {}\nmaster_finger: {}\npillar_raise_on_missing: True"
minion_conf = "master: {}\nmaster_port: {}\nhash_type: {}\nmaster_finger: {}\npillar_raise_on_missing: True\nminion_pillar_cache: True"
return minion_conf.format(os.environ['SALTMASTER_PUBLIC_HOST'], 30010, 'sha256', master_fingerprint)
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