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correction missing origin_kwargs

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......@@ -79,11 +79,11 @@ class ServerRunner(ZephirCommonController):
return None
def get_profil_for_all(self, cursor, uri, message_arguments, origin_kwargs):
serverselection_role = self.get_profil_for_serverselection(cursor, uri, message_arguments)
serverselection_role = self.get_profil_for_serverselection(cursor, uri, message_arguments, origin_kwargs)
if serverselection_role is None :
return None
server_role = self.get_profil_for_server(cursor, uri, message_arguments)
server_role = self.get_profil_for_server(cursor, uri, message_arguments, origin_kwargs)
if server_role is None :
return None
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