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correction on _get_serverselection_user_role key role

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......@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ class ServerRunner(ZephirCommonController):
@register_wamp('v1.serverselection.user.remove', notification_uri=None, database=True, profil_adapter='get_profil_for_serverselection')
async def remove_user_from_serverselection(self, cursor, _session_user, serverselectionid, username):
if self._get_serverselection_user_role(cursor, serverselectionid, username)['profil'] != 'owner':
if self._get_serverselection_user_role(cursor, serverselectionid, username)['role'] != 'owner':
return self.serverselection.remove_user_from_serverselection(cursor, serverselectionid, username)
raise Exception(_('Can not remove user with role owner from serverseleciton'))
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