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      ci(release): avoid regression in `dev` branch · e0f89cbe
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      Any fixes applied to the `testing` branch should be integrated to the
      `dev` branch when the release is done.
      The `package*.json` files have their `version` updated by
      `semantic-release/npm`, when a new release is produced, we need to
      propagate to `dev` too.
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      ci(release): tag docker images based on release cycle · b9731cd0
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      We want to tag images based on the different steps of the release
      - `dev` images where developpement is integrated
      - `testing` images where releases are stabilised
      - `stable` images when the release is done
        - `major` tag with only the first digit of the semantic version,
          this tag will always point to the latest release of the major
        - `minor` tag with only the first 2 digits of the semantic version,
          this tag will always point to the latest release of the minor
        - `release` tag with the full semantic version
        - `latest`/`stable` point to the latest stable image
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      ci(build): create the docker image and push it to `${CI_REGISTRY}` · a6c6d53f
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      We use the EOLE/ci-tools> template to build the docker image and push
      it to the registry as `laboite-blog-api:git-${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA}`.
      We build on every branches except for `$STABLE_BRANCH` used only to
      create the release tag.
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      ci(test): allow failing test · 2a4ff240
      Daniel Dehennin authored
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      ci(release): create release automatically with `semantic-release` · 2f62eb4e
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      Create new release when merge requests are merged into the
      `$STABLE_BRANCH` branch.
      * .gitlab-ci.yml: execute a new stage `release` for the new
        `semantic-release` include.
      * release.config.js: create `docs/CHANGELOG.md` for stable branch and
        publish new releases on Gitlab.
        Mangle commits to have links for users, issues and commits id.
        Build npm package and publish the tarball with the release.
      * release-rules.js: create semantic version update rules based on
      * .eslintignore: exclude `commitlint` configuration file.
      * .prettierignore: exclude `commitlint` configuration file.
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      ci(commitlint): enforce commit message format · 77231b9d
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      Prepare the use of `semantic-release` by forcing commit message
      * .gitlab-ci.yml: `$STABLE_BRANCH` is `master`.
        Execute `commitlint` before resource heavy jobs at `initial-checks`
      * .eslintignore: exclude `commitlint` configuration file.
      * .prettierignore: exclude `commitlint` configuration file.
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