1. 03 Apr, 2020 4 commits
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      feat(themes): install themes during `discourse.setup` · 9ba0e1a8
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      The themes configurations are not yet managed but we provide an
      example of what it may look like in `pillar.example`.
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      fix(settings): applying settings may need retries · 1b26dc6d
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      And improve documentation.
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      fix(users): creating users may need several tries · 8c1dfc8a
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      And we must apply settings before creating any user like notification
      email for example.
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      feat(config): support personal TLS certificates · 4d79a370
      Daniel Dehennin authored
      `Discourse` is easy to setup with Let's Encrypt certificates but it's
      possible to use other certificates.
      * docs/README.rst: document the new ``discourse.tls.enabled`` state.
      * discourse/config/tls.sls: create the certificate and the
        corresponding private key from pillars.
      * discourse/config/files/default/ssl.crt.jinja: the PEM certificate
        comes from `discourse:tls:cert` pillar and must match the format of
        Nginx `ssl_certificate` directive.
      * discourse/config/files/default/ssl.key.jinja: the unencrypted PEM
        key comes from `discourse:tls:key` pillar and must match the format
        of Nginx
      * discourse/config/files/default/force-tls.template.yml.jinja: create
        a boot script for the container to force TLS in discourse
        configuration file like `web.letsencrypt.ssl.template.yml` does.
      * discourse/config/files/default/app.yml.jinja: adapt the
        configuration depending on the use of Let's Encrypt or personal TLS
      * discourse/config/init.sls: configure personal TLS certificates if
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