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# Categories management plugin
A __PeerTube__ plugin to add or delete video categories.
A __PeerTube__ plugin to manage video categories.
## Development
1. Install and start a __PeerTube__ *dev* instance:
2. Install the plugin from your __PeerTube__ directory:
node ./dist/server/tools/peertube.js plugins install --path ~/workspace/peertube/peertube-plugin-categories
> You must re-install the extension to test each updates.
## Resources
## License
"name": "peertube-plugin-categories",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "A PeerTube plugin to add or hide video categories.",
"description": "Manage video categories.",
"license": "EUPL-1.2",
"engine": {
"peertube": ">=3.2.0"
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