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language: java
- "$HOME/.m2"
- oraclejdk8
sudo: false
- "mvn -DskipTests package"
- export RELEASE_JAR=$(ls target/keycloak-protocol-cas-*.jar)
provider: releases
secure: 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
file: "${RELEASE_JAR}"
tags: true
repo: Doccrazy/keycloak-protocol-cas
# keycloak-protocol-cas
This plugin for Keycloak Identity and Access Management ( adds the CAS 3.0 SSO protocol as an available client protocol to the Keycloak system. It implements the required Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) for a Login Protocol and will be picked up and made available by Keycloak automatically once installed.
[![Build Status](](
## Features
The following CAS features are currently implemented:
* CAS 1.0/2.0/3.0 compliant Login/Logout and Service Ticket Validation
* Single Logout (SLO)
* Filtering of provided `service` against configured redirect URIs
* JSON and XML response types
* Mapping of custom user attributes to CAS assertion attributes
The following features are **curently missing**:
The following features are **currently missing**:
* Proxy ticket service and proxy ticket validation [CAS 2.0]
* Long-Term Tickets - Remember-Me [CAS 3.0 - optional]
* SAML request/response [CAS 3.0 - optional]
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