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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ If you want to contribute to the project, start with [manual deployment](https:/
CodiMD is highly customizable, learn about all configuration options of networking, security, performance, resources, privilege, privacy, image storage, and authentication in [CodiMD Configuration](https://hackmd.io/c/codimd-documentation/%2Fs%2Fcodimd-configuration).
### Upgrading and Migration
Upgrade CodiMD from previous version? See [this guide](https://hackmd.io/c/codimd-documentation/%2Fs%2Fcodimd-upgrade)
Upgrade CodiMD from previous version? See [this guide](https://hackmd.io/c/codimd-documentation/%2Fs%2Fcodimd-upgrade)<br>
Migrating from Etherpad? Follow [this guide](https://hackmd.io/c/codimd-documentation/%2Fs%2Fcodimd-migration-etherpad)
### Developer
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