Commit afc4a3e1 authored by Ruben ten Hove's avatar Ruben ten Hove
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yarn add https-proxy-agent

Signed-off-by: default avatarRuben ten Hove <>
parent bac39211
......@@ -6442,6 +6442,14 @@ https-browserify@^1.0.0:
resolved ""
integrity sha1-7AbBDgo0wPL68Zn3/X/Hj//QPHM=
version "3.0.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-+ML2Rbh6DAuee7d07tYGEKOEi2voWPUGan+ExdPbPW6Z3svq+JCqr0v8WmKPOkz1vOVykPCBSuobe7G8GJUtVg==
agent-base "^4.3.0"
debug "^3.1.0"
version "0.8.3"
resolved ""
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