Unverified Commit bcb79726 authored by Sheogorath's avatar Sheogorath
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Fix shown but broken GitLab snippets

To provide a GitLab integration we need the GitLab integration to be
configured. Otherwise we shouldn't show the Snippet button.

This patch adds the requirement to the variable that decides if the
import from snippets button shows up or not.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSheogorath <sheogorath@shivering-isles.com>
parent de0acbb5
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ if (config.gitlab && config.gitlab.version !== 'v4' && config.gitlab.version !==
config.gitlab.version = 'v4'
// If gitlab scope is api, enable snippets Export/import
config.isGitlabSnippetsEnable = (!config.gitlab.scope || config.gitlab.scope === 'api')
config.isGitlabSnippetsEnable = (!config.gitlab.scope || config.gitlab.scope === 'api') && config.isGitLabEnable
// Only update i18n files in development setups
config.updateI18nFiles = (env === Environment.development)
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