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......@@ -111,5 +111,9 @@
"Do you really want to delete your user account?": "Apakah anda yakin ingin menghapus akun anda?",
"This will delete your account, all notes that are owned by you and remove all references to your account from other notes.": "Ini akan menghapus akun anda, semua catatan yang dimiliki oleh anda akan dihapus dan menghapus semua referensi ke akun anda dari catatan lain.",
"Delete user": "Hapus pengguna",
"Export user data": "Ekspor data pengguna"
"Export user data": "Ekspor data pengguna",
"Help us translating on %s": "Bantu kami menerjemahkan di %s",
"Source Code": "Sumber Kode",
"Register": "Daftar",
"Powered by %s": "Ditenagai oleh %s"
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