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      Implemented dark theme. · 6fc2c39e
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      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdoardo Odorico <edoubuntu@gmail.com>
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      [ci skip] Add CodeTriage badge · 0b7b7244
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      [CodeTriage](https://www.codetriage.com/) is an app I have maintained
      for the past 4-5 years with the goal of getting people involved in
      Open Source projects like this one. The app sends subscribers a random
      open issue for them to help "triage". For some languages you can also
      suggested areas to add documentation.
      The initial approach was inspired by seeing the work of the small
      core team spending countless hours asking "what version was
      this in" and "can you give us an example app". The idea is to
      outsource these small interactions to a huge team of volunteers
      and let the core team focus on their work.
      I want to add a badge to the README of this project. The idea is to
      provide an easy link for people to get started contributing to this
      project. A badge indicates the number of people currently subscribed
      to help the repo. The color is based off of open issues in the project.
      Here are some examples of other projects that have a badge in their
      - https://github.com/crystal-lang/crystal
      - https://github.com/rails/rails
      - https://github.com/codetriage/codetriage
      Thanks for building open source software, I would love to help you find some helpers.
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