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Lionel Morin requested to merge dev into testing

1.8.0 (2023-08-24)


  • index: add version number in tab name (6e3b536)
  • maintenance: display maintenance message when needed (8035596)
  • refactor: rewrite code for sveltekit 1.20 (b39c565)
  • search: search is now case insensitive (4cafecc)

Bug Fixes

  • audit: force resolution of semver library version (1e589ca)
  • refactor: fetch maintenance data (b71031d)
  • refactor: get version from package.json (1ce78b1)
  • refactor: update favorites page (91aaf6f)
  • search: manage c letter in case insensitive search (3bf9431)
  • translation: replace tag by mot clé in french translation (a7a6668)

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