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Create new stable for V12

Joël Cuissinat requested to merge testing into master

1.10.0-testing.1 (2024-01-15)


  • author: add transition on author id card (40d153a)
  • fetch: remove isomorphic fetch and replace it by fetch native (282c67d)
  • link: delete rel prefetch in a markup (15e3659)
  • project: replace academy by structure in all project (e358672)

Bug Fixes

  • audit: update vulnerable libraries (a4899a2)
  • fetch: add onMount on missing fetch (23613b8)
  • fetch: don't call fetch outside of onMount/load on server side (fed4fdb)
  • fetch: use fetch provided by load function when available (a06f606)
  • structure: fix problems dues to rebase from dev (138d477)
  • structures: redirect /academies to /structures (fa1ac04)

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