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1.9.0 (2023-08-24)


  • meteor: change meteor base version (4baa128)
  • search: add search by structure (5a4157a)
  • search: add search by structure on backend (24da129)
  • search: add style for select structure filter (a3bbb73)
  • structure: add all used structure in search (07cbd7a)
  • structure: add structure to profil (368c519)
  • update: auto update structures on startup (bc31f41)

Bug Fixes

  • no structure in user (79e2e22)
  • routing: update svelte-routing library to latest version (142c312)
  • search: fix search on load more than 20 profils (d6e895f)
  • search: remove console log (928e9ea)
  • settings: enableKeycloak is true by default (653ac58)
  • skills: better behavior when adding skill with # at start (76a8e3b)
  • structure: set structure at account creation (9fa1e6a)
  • structures: update search when selecting no structure (9e10655)
  • update: rename variable (0d7bc85)

Build System

  • meteor: update meteor to 2.12 and meteor packages (19288c0)

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