Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • bug
    When something does not work as expected
  • CI/CD
    Everything about CI/CD setup and maintenance
  • confirmed
    The bug is confirmed by more than one person or a test case
  • critical
    When it's unusable or a security problem
  • discussion
    For general discussions which can be the starting point for other issues
  • enhancement
    New feature or improvement of the current behaviour
  • EOLE
  • In progress
    We are working on it right now
  • invalid
    The issue is not concidered valid and closed without more concern
  • On testing branch
    Fix on testing
  • rizomo
  • security
    Mise à jour de librairies et de dépendances
  • style
    Label for UI/UX issues
  • suggestion
    Proposal, need to be confirmed and planified
  • support
    Helping users
  • To do
    It will be done but should be planed at some point
  • To merge