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Generate testing version

Lionel Morin requested to merge dev into testing

1.4.0 (2022-09-19)


  • autologin: allow to log in and proceed on poll creation (28c70f0)
  • event: add organize of event in mail template (8ad8f8a)
  • mail: add firstname and lastname in mails template (0725978)
  • poll: pre-complete info from laboite (dea291b)

Bug Fixes

  • creation: don't add null group at creation, simplify code (7bafbe3)
  • smtp: change call to smtp settings (4baa26b)
  • ui: fix css import at first load and correct favicon (b2ff775)

Build System

  • meteor: update meteor 2.7.3 and node version 14.19.3 (9003ae7)
  • npm: change npm command run start-dev to start and port to 3010 (7634593)


  • licence: add licence in source code and package (5959f25)
  • readme: update and translate doc files (0c466e3)
  • settings: add readme and update settings sample (07be2f5)

Continuous Integration

  • build-docker: run for testing prerelease (1f694ef)
  • commitlint: use new standard job .git:commitlint (03f7c53)
  • merge-to-dev: use new standard jobs .git:merge-to (c90b1a4)
  • meteor: test before generating a new release (28b3b5a)
  • semantic-release: create testing prerelease (996de70)
  • tag docker: tag testing prerelease image (1f43f0a)

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