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Lionel Morin requested to merge dev into testing

1.5.0 (2022-11-22)


  • meeting: add validation modal when answer to a meeting (c7f9b00)
  • meeting: send email when user submit date (ce0914d)
  • modal: add edit button in validation modal (f54e5fa)

Bug Fixes

  • footer: use settings subscription in store for footer (95960bd)
  • label: change label in meeting creation (7a7c219)
  • methods: delete meteor istest for send email method (5984c11)
  • pollanswer: disable redirect for no connected user (5d2a2d9)
  • pollAnswer: store userId in poll answer (07ad771)
  • poll: disabled redirect for no connected user (8f4c436)
  • test: add optional into fields and delete label (cd9ccdc)
  • ui: fix divider in selected date in meeting creation (6f18ed0)
  • users: fix published user fields (657d1f3)
  • users: publish to client (469c0bb)


  • app: add all missing tests (c25ff2d)
  • app: add two missing tests (7bd630c)

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